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Hotel Valley Ho

We have worked with Hotel Systems Solutions (HSS) on two different occasions and have plans to do more work with them in the very near future.
I personally have been working with Opera PMS for 13+ years now. In the early days, the programming and support were fantastic. And while the PMS system continues to evolve, the service and response time from Opera Support has gradually declined causing operational frustrations for myself, co-workers and other colleagues in the industry.

HSS is the perfect solution to this ongoing problem. The staff is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of our system. From Set-Up, to Install, Interfaces, Configuration and Operational questions, there is no task that is too big or too small for these guys. More specifically, we had a situation recently where we had several on-going problems that we found difficult to resolve. The team from Hotel Systems Solutions stepped in and had all of our questions and problems solved/fixed within a matter of two days --- and all at a cost that was affordable to the hotel (as opposed to the inflated prices we were seeing directly from our vendor). 

The team at Hotel Systems Solutions are extremely professional and fantastic to work with. I would highly recommend them for any Opera/Oracle related task.

Shaun Baker
Director, Guest Operations, Hotel Valley Ho


"We have used Hotel Systems Solutions on multiple occasions to assist us with integrating Opera with the KEYPR solution. Each and every time Hotel Systems Solutions was on point - everything from finding and resolving an issue, to handling delicate customers with ease. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking for fast, reliable and accurate support team."

Joel Muncaster
Director Field Services, KEYPR

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